Real Estate Litigation and Transactions

Gargalicana/Graceffa handles a variety of real estate matters including:

  • Agreements: Purchase/Sale, Co-Ownership and Tenancy-In-Common
  • Brokers and Agents: Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Failure to Disclose, Fraud and Professional Negligence
  • Condominiums: Owner Disputes and Homeowners Associations Representation
  • Construction: Contractor Disputes
  • Foreclosure Rescue Scams: Violations of Mortgage Foreclosure Consultant Act and Home Equity Purchaser Sales Contract Act, Equitable Mortgages
  • Contracts: Breach of Contract Claims related to Real Estate, Security Deposit Disputes; Specific Performance
  • Landlord/Tenant: Rent Increases, Rent Board Hearings, Unlawful Detainer Actions, Breach of Warranty of Habitability, Wrongful Eviction and Retaliation
  • Leases: Residential and Commercial; Negotiated Terminations
  • Neighbor Disputes: Easements, Encroachments, Private and Public Nuisance and Harassment
  • Partition of Real Property: Division of individual interests in real property
  • Constructive Trust Actions: Establishing equitable title to real property when legal title is in another’s name to prevent unjust enrichment on the part of the title owner
  • Quiet Title Actions: Establish title against adverse claims to real property or any interest in the property
  • Secured Interests: Promissory Notes and Deeds of Trust
  • Entity Formation: Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Broker/Agent Licensing Issues: Defense of License/Accusations by California Bureau of Real Estate