Notable Cases

  • The firm represented a San Francisco real estate development company against a large real estate brokerage when the broker retained by the developer breached her fiduciary duty by holding back offers on units during a time when the real estate market was starting to crash. The firm settled the case in mediation in favor of the developer for a significant settlement amount representing the lost profits of the developer.
  • The firm prevailed in a binding arbitration on behalf of a homeowner forced into arbitration by a buyer of his house for specific performance and damages. The buyer was demanding that the homeowner sell the house to him at a discounted price or pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The firm defensed the case on behalf of the homeowner and obtained an award of close to $200,000 on behalf of the homeowner against the buyer.
  • The firm obtained a significant settlement on behalf of a client who was physically assaulted by an automobile repossession company. The client, a professor, was at work when the repossession company employees confronted and assaulted him in front of his co-workers and students.
  • The firm represented two of seven plaintiffs in case against a local foreclosure company that embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from its clients when it turned management of the company over to an individual with a felony criminal record. The firm settled the case on behalf of its clients while other plaintiffs were forced to trial and an appeal.
  • The firm prevailed in a trial against a broker/developer who defrauded his business partner in a transaction to convert an apartment building into condos. The broker/developer was forced to pay our client over $300,000.
  • The firm obtained a judgment in excess of $400,000 in a defamation lawsuit against a business owner libeling another business owner on Facebook.